A message from LigoLab CEO Suren Avunjian:

A message from LigoLab CEO Suren Avunjian:

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A message from LigoLab CEO Suren Avunjian:

About 14 years ago Edward and I had an outrageous vision: to launch a software company that would provide one unified software platform jam-packed with all the tools, functions, and modules that a modern medical laboratory could ever dream of. We embarked on this journey without any outside investment or liability to make sure that we only answer to and serve our customers and employees. We brought on talented Anthony, as a partner, to head the technical development of the platform, and started building our phenomenal team and together it only took us a bit over a decade to turn this dream into a reality.

Our platform enables laboratories big or small to scale their business and make sure the results are accurate and specimens don’t get lost or mixed up. Through the years we were lucky enough to be selected by Sonic Healthcare, the largest lab in the world, as their choice of platform to grow our ever-expanding base of loyal clients.

We would have never gotten to where we are without the dedication and colossal efforts of our team and the loyal customers that believed and got behind us and our vision. I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who supported us throughout the years.

I’m excited for this week as we will be celebrating our anniversary with our customers at our office in LA for our annual user conference.

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