March 2021 LigoLab Newsletter: Learn what steps this laboratory took to combat the rise of COVID-19 variants and how other labs can do the same

For Atlas Genomics, the Quality of the Test and the Speed of the Result are Critical

Atlas Genomics is a CLIA-certified high complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory that recently gained a bit of notoriety among its peers. The Seattle-based laboratory was one of the first in the country to detect the United Kingdom coronavirus variant known as B.1.1.7. The variant was detected with a PCR test and later confirmed with off-site RNA sequencing.

Fast forward to today and Atlas no longer needs to send out samples for variant confirmation. That's because they've brought RNA sequencing in-house. Learn how this step and others were put in motion during the early days of the pandemic, and how those early decisions have helped keep King County residents safe in this LigoLab Case Study.

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TestDirectly: The Adaptable Patient Engagement Application That Simplifies D2C Testing

TestDirectly is a flexible, web-based patient engagement software solution that eliminates the mistakes and delays that come with paper forms and manual order entry. It streamlines processes, improves turnaround times, and boosts testing accessibility to help medical laboratories and first care facilities (specimen collection centers, urgent care centers, outpatient clinics, etc.) connect directly with their patients for direct-to-consumer testing (D2C) and automated results delivery.

Much like its parent, the fully integrated and comprehensive LigoLab LIS & RCM Platform, the TestDirectly D2C module is under continuous improvement. For news on the latest TestDirectly features and enhancements that providers can use to test more patients, and more importantly, get patients their results more quickly and easily, check out this TestDirectly Blog Post.

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Improve Financial Forecasting by Automating A/R Payer Projection With LigoLab RCM

Manual processes to monitor, project, and balance accounts receivable are outdated and take way too much time. Fortunately, there is a better solution for laboratory operators and billing departments.

With LigoLab's RCM module, users can run the platform's A/R Payer Projection Tool to quickly and easily view seven-day future payment amounts, as well as issue dates, posting dates, and more.

With just a few simple clicks, LigoLab's A/R Payer Projection Tool eliminates accounting uncertainty, saves time, and improves financial forecasting.

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