July 2021 LigoLab Newsletter: Capitalizing on Revenue Cycle Management

Capitalizing on Revenue Cycle Management

One of LigoLab’s partner labs has experienced this rapid growth while using the LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform to improve operational and financial processes, reduce labor costs, expand services, and increase collections and profit margin.

The lab’s CEO was recently featured in MedicalLab Management, where he detailed how clinical laboratories can capitalize on laboratory revenue cycle management with a business mindset.

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Unlock Your Laboratory's Revenue Potential and Maximize Profit

Scale your lab and reduce denials and audit risk with LigoLab's fully integrated LIS & RCM Operating Platform. Learn how in this 11-minute video presentation.

LigoLab's Best-in-Class Interface Engine Delivers Maximum Interoperability

The LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform features a proprietary Interface Engine that makes interoperability seamless. "If an electronic device can be interfaced, we can connect to it," said LigoLab Chief Operating Officer Gor Kalantaryan.

The Interface Engine is one of several supporting engines and supporting modules that wrap around LigoLab's powerful LIS and RCM modules. These supporting elements tie everything together, and the end result is a comprehensive and flexible software platform, minus the finger-pointing and frustration that comes with multiple software vendors, systems, middleware, and interfaces.

If your current software solution lacks interoperability, you may want to explore what LigoLab can do for you.

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Direct-to-Consumer Testing that's Convenient, Safe, Fast, and Accurate

With the TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Web Portal, pathology labs can position themselves to take advantage of the rapid adoption of digital healthcare technologies and the growth of consumerism - two trends that are here to stay.

Interested in learning how TestDirectly delivers a better patient experience and makes it easier for labs to directly connect with patients? Then click on the button below for a list of features and core services that simplify workflows, boost testing capacity, and improve turnaround times.

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About LigoLab

LigoLab is a leading provider of innovative end-to-end healthcare software for pathology laboratories, servicing 100+ facilities nationwide. As a comprehensive enterprise-grade solution, the LigoLab LIS & RCM Laboratory Operating Platform™ includes modules for anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, molecular diagnostics, revenue cycle management, and direct-to-consumer, all on one powerful and integrated platform that supports every role, every department, and every case. LigoLab empowers laboratories to better serve patients, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, scale their operations, become more compliant, and more profitable.

About TestDirectly

TestDirectly is an easy-to-use web-based patient engagement portal that provides turn-key point-of-care testing solutions and connects laboratories and collection centers with patients, physicians, schools, employers, organizations, and government agencies. TestDirectly eliminates bottlenecks with automation that supports the collection and processing of specimens, the creation and delivery of reports, and the management of both payment and compliance, all while also delivering a better patient experience.

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