April 2024 Newsletter - A Conversation With LIS Administrator Kristie Becerra

A Conversation With LIS Administrator Kristie Becerra

Pathology Consultants (PC) is a multiple subspeciality independent pathology practice with nine pathologists that before November 2021 was sharing a laboratory information system (LIS) with another pathology group.

We recently caught up with LIS System Administrator Kristie Becerra, who details what life was like with a legacy LIS system and what circumstances led to PC's decision to partner with LigoLab and take full control of its business.

In our Q&A, Becerra also recalls what implementation was like, and she explains how the business has benefitted from pathology lab software customization that's resulted in improved lab productivity and an expanding test menu.


Reduce Denials and Stop Revenue Leakage With Integrated Laboratory Billing Management

If you’ve visited this space recently, you may already know about the tremendous value of starting laboratory revenue cycle management (lab RCM) on the front end of the laboratory billing cycle.

If you’re new to the LigoLab platform, we invite you to continue reading and learn more about the advantages of integrated lab revenue cycle management.


On-Demand Webinar: Utilizing Digital Pathology to Help Offset Today's Laboratory Challenges

Join Westley Bernhardt (Managing Partner, OnePath Diagnostics), and Suren Avunjian (CEO, LigoLab) for our latest on-demand webinar as they discuss how pathology groups across the country can merge modern LIS systems with the latest digital pathology technology to boost caseload capacity and reign in operating costs.

Here's your chance to see firsthand how this innovative new arrangement provides pathology practices with major advantages compared to traditional AP workflows.


Digital Pathology

How Modern Pathology Lab Software Supports Report Customization and Client Preferences

Pathology lab software has improved significantly over the years, putting us at a point where the best LIS software vendors provide lab directors and managers with professional-looking lab reports that they can manage and customize without external help, and that can be easily distributed to their customers through multiple delivery channels housed within the LIS software.

So what makes this level of customization possible? LigoLab Chief Technology Officer Tony Oganesian breaks it all down for us here.


Laboratory Information System Questions? We're Here to Help

Do you have questions about LigoLab Informatics Platform or our new pricing tiers? Are you ready to partner with a laboratory information system (LIS) company that can help you navigate the future of pathology? If yes, we invite you to click the link below to schedule a brief consultation with one of our talented LIS Product Specialists.


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