How AI Can Propel Medical Laboratories into a New Era of Growth

What was predicted for years has now come true. The age of artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived.

AI is already driving significant change for various industries including healthcare, and the sky's the limit in terms of the new opportunities that this new tech tool can create.

To learn more about the power behind AI and how your independent clinical lab or pathology practice can benefit from an AI and laboratory information system (LIS) integration, we invite you to read this month's featured blog post.


Understanding the Real Costs of Non-Integrated Laboratory Billing Systems

In most cases, two is better than one, but that's certainly not the case when comparing an all-in-one laboratory information system (LIS) and laboratory billing platform against a standalone lab revenue cycle management (RCM) system that requires a lab information system interface.

A fully integrated LIS and RCM platform comes without the dreaded data silos and compliance issues that plague standalone lab RCM solutions. Furthermore, they also require much less labor and are much more adaptable and scalable.

If you feel like your lab's operations are limited by its current LIS and RCM arrangement and exposure to fragmented workflows, missed collections, and a reliance on too much manual labor, this blog post will shine a spotlight on an alternative approach.


Expand Lab Services and Add Revenue With DTC Lab Testing

Earlier this month LigoLab hosted a webinar that showcased what an effective direct-to-consumer lab testing strategy can do for your clinical lab's bottom line. That webinar, featuring Jenny Bull (COO, Avero Diagnostics) and Adam Carlin (Product Manager, TestDirectly) is now available on-demand.

During the webinar, Adam showcases several DTC workflows and demonstrates how the TestDirectly Web Portal supports all forms of diagnostic testing and patient outreach. Jenny adds insight from the customer's perspective while also commenting on current trends.


LigoLab's Enterprise Tier: A Comprehensive LIS Solution for Expansive Laboratories

We've used this space recently to highlight LigoLab's four new pricing tiers.

This month, we're featuring the Enterprise Tier, an all-powerful and complete laboratory information system platform built to support regional and national labs that require total integration across multiple departments and sites, plus broad scalability, and highly customizable workflows.

For a complete summary of what's included in the Enterprise Tier, we invite you to continue reading.


LIS System Questions? We're Here to Help

If you have any questions about our LIS software, or if you’re curious as to which LigoLab pricing tier represents the best fit for your organization, we invite you to click on the link below and set up a brief consultation with one of our talented LIS Product Specialists.


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