November 2023 Newsletter - Top 10 Medical Laboratory Mistakes and How to Prevent Them From Happening in Your Lab

Top 10 Medical Laboratory Mistakes and How to Prevent Them From Happening in Your Lab

"Mistakes Happen" is a common phrase in the US but as we all know, some mistakes can be much more serious than others. That's especially true within the context of the clinical laboratory, where even the most minor mistake can directly impact the safety and well-being of a patient. 

In this month's featured blog post, we list the 10 most common mistakes that occur within the lab and also offer practical prevention strategies that any laboratory can implement. We also touch upon the technology and innovation present within advanced laboratory information systems (LIS), and how these LIS systems are helping labs minimize mistakes even as testing volumes continue to go up. 


Laboratory Billing 101: Examining the Differences Between In-House and Outsourced Lab RCM

It's a topic that's often discussed among laboratory leadership, and rightfully so. How can we optimize our laboratory billing to reduce denials and improve both net collections and cash flow? 

Some labs choose to keep their laboratory billing process in-house. Others choose to outsource laboratory revenue cycle management (RCM) to an external lab billing service.

What are the differences between these two laboratory billing solutions and which is the best course of action for your lab? Let's explore both options. 


Tour LigoLab's Clinical Laboratory Module!  

Here's your chance to watch on-demand and learn more about LigoLab's clinical laboratory solution with LIS specialist Allison Still

Allison recently hosted a webinar tour of our platform's clinical laboratory module where the following features and functionality were on display:

  • Specimen Tracking
  • Worklists & Batching
  • Results Entry & Verification
  • Quality Assurance & Statistical Reporting

If you're curious to see how a modern and flexible laboratory information system can remove common laboratory limitations and make clinical operations more efficient, this on-demand webinar is certainly worth your time. 


LigoLab's Essential Pricing Tier: LIS Software Designed to Meet a Lab's Basic Needs

Why can't I find laboratory information system software that fits my lab's unique needs, workflow, and growth plans? This is a common frustration among lab owners, especially those operating smaller labs and startups. 

To accommodate cases like this, LigoLab recently debuted a four-tiered pricing model that makes its LIS software an attractive option for both smaller labs and enterprise organizations. (Learn more about all four tiers here).

The Essential Tier is LigoLab's answer for small pathology, molecular, and reference laboratories in need of an affordable LIS system to meet their basic needs. We invite you to click on the link below to learn what features and functions are included in the Essential Tier.


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