How to Optimize Laboratory Operations to Beat Pathologist Burnout & Combat Staffing Shortages

Maximize Productivity, Minimize Human Error, & Increase Staff Satisfaction with Automation & Intuitive LIS Software
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Pathology plays a vital role in medical decision-making, accounting for 70-80% of all clinical decisions, while only consuming 4-7% of a typical health system's budget. However, despite its crucial role, many pathologists in the industry are facing burnout due to ever-increasing caseloads and financial strains caused by a lack of qualified laboratory personnel to manage the bench and mostly manual workflows.

As a pathologist, or laboratory operator you know firsthand the consequences of these two issues: the potential for increased medical errors, rising labor costs, and a lack of job satisfaction.

But the solution is within reach. Join our expert hosts as they delve into these pressing issues and provide actionable solutions in order to nip pathologist burnout and staffing shortages at the bud. You will learn how intuitive, automation-driven LIS software can help mitigate the root causes of burnout by streamlining workflows, eliminating manual tasks, and increasing efficiency, accuracy, and job satisfaction.

Don't miss this opportunity to take control of your laboratory operations and join the conversation as we discuss the future of pathology.


This webinar will examine the major challenges of pathologist burnout and staffing shortages, further exploring their root causes, including case overload, lack of control, inadequate rewards, and conflicting values. Our expert hosts will demonstrate how technology and automation can help to alleviate these pressing issues by maximizing productivity, reducing human error, and promoting mental well-being for staff.

Join us for an interactive and informative learning experience, where you can deepen your understanding of the rapidly changing landscape of anatomic pathology and gain valuable insights into how you can stay ahead in your field. Our expert hosts will also be available to answer your questions throughout the session for a more individualized educational experience.


  • Understand the impacts of pathologist burnout and staffing shortages in the industry.
  • Discover how to streamline and improve overall laboratory performance with modern LIS software and automation.
  • Gain insight into how an efficient user interface can increase productivity for pathologists.
  • Observe demonstrations of various lab processes and how to streamline them.
  • Demonstration of entering a result and releasing a case without a single mouse click.
  • Interact and ask questions directly to our expert hosts and network with other attendees.
  • Receive access to valuable resources and information for optimizing laboratory processes and mitigating burnout and staffing issues.


Suren Avunjian

As a Co-Founder and CEO, Suren Avunjian oversees all business growth, operations, and leads a team of best-in-class personnel at LigoLab Information Systems. Avunijan is the creative force behind LigoLab’s strategic vision to build the most comprehensive and infinitely configurable laboratory operating platform available. Founded in 2006, Los Angeles-based LigoLab is both privately owned and profitable, and it only answers to its customers.

Before LigoLab, Avunjian served as the CTO for Healthline Clinical Laboratories. While there, he played a leading role in helping Healthline become the largest privately held laboratory in California. He did this by managing the implementation of cutting-edge technologies that enabled the laboratory to scale up its testing volume by 20 times in just seven years.

Petros Martirosian

Petros Martirosian is an experienced, dependable, and passionate information officer at LigoLab who has put in over a dozen years at the firm. He is an autodidact with 20 years of prior experience spanning multiple industries including running an IT consulting firm, providing various solutions such as infrastructure integrations, hardware and software support, multimedia management, project management, and design. These experiences, combined with his drive for efficiency and customer service, helped prepare him for his role as Implementation Director at LigoLab.

Michael Kalinowski

Over the past four years, Michael Kalinowski has led LigoLab’s marketing efforts. He serves as the company’s primary content producer and editor, and also assists and supports in several other areas, including sales and public relations. Prior to becoming intimately familiar with LigoLab Operating Platform and the laboratory information system industry as a whole, he enjoyed a 20-year career in sports, serving as a public relations director for a professional hockey team.


Suren Avunjian

LigoLab Co-Founder and CEO

Michael Kalinowski

Marketing & Communications







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