A Recap of LigoLab's 2022 Holiday Retreat

A Recap of LigoLab's 2022 Holiday Retreat

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The LigoLab team applied its founding principle of ‘uniting everything into one powerful source of truth’ during an incredible holiday retreat in the Hollywood Hills. From far and wide, the company gathered (with some teammates meeting in person for the first time) to energize the strong bonds that are part of this amazing group. 

The three-day event was packed with fun team building activities including Escape Hotel (where teams competed to use their collective ingenuity to break out of some creepy haunted rooms), Bumper Soccer (where teams put a new twist on airdrop competing to score goals encased in big bubbles of air), Bowling, and a fierce Go-Kart Race with some incredible pro-like precision. 

There was a Murder Mystery Dinner, a who-done-it where teams collaborated to uncover the culprit of a bloody altercation while learning some interesting backstories along the way. 

At the core though was an insightful presentation given by our CEO, Suren Avunjian, where recognition of team achievements were made, and the company’s vision and on-going growth initiatives were further outlined, all with enthusiastic group contribution and collaboration. 

It was an extremely successful event on many levels and it set the stage for another positive year of growth and doing what we do best, serving as a true laboratory partner and improving both laboratory productivity and patient outcomes.  

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