December 2023 Newsletter - It's Time for Medical Labs to Embrace the Potential of Laboratory Informatics

It's Time for Medical Labs to Embrace the Potential of Laboratory Informatics  

The importance of laboratory informatics is rising for clinical laboratories and pathology groups managing an ever-increasing volume of complex healthcare processes and data within their lab walls. 

To keep pace with the changing times and added demands placed on them, these medical labs must fully commit to an informatics transformation, one that will enable the handling of even larger volumes of patient and specimen data, plus the integration of advanced technologies, the streamlining of operational and financial workflows, the adherence with all regulatory requirements, and the improvement of both client relations and patient care. 

In this week's featured blog, we break down the laboratory information system technology available and the steps labs should take to transform their lab information into lab informatics.  


LigoLab's Professional Tier: A Powerful Laboratory Information System Solution Tailored for Growing Labs 

In case you're not aware, LigoLab a few months back unveiled four new pricing tiers to better accommodate independent clinical labs and pathology groups that were frustrated with the one-size-fits-all LIS system mentality that dominates the industry. 

Last month in this space we featured the Essential Tier, an easy-to-use and straightforward LIS software designed to meet the basic needs of small pathology, molecular, and reference labs.

This month, we're highlighting the Professional Tier, a formidable LIS system software that measures up against the best LIS out there by offering all the modules and features included in the Essential Tier, plus more advanced reporting and analytics, enhanced workflow management, integration capabilities with other healthcare laboratory software systems, and more complex order management.

To learn more about the Professional Tier and how it can align with your lab's business and financial goals, we invite you to continue reading. 


Six Reasons Why You Should Choose an Integrated Laboratory Billing Solution for Your Medical Lab  

Spend a minute in a medical laboratory billing department and you quickly learn that successful laboratory revenue cycle management (RCM) is more often than not impeded by a complex mix of barriers. 

It only takes a minor mistake to derail a lab's RCM process and put a payment in doubt. Because of this, more and more lab operators are turning away from traditional billing methods and embracing the advantages that come with an integrated laboratory billing solution

So what is integrated laboratory billing and why is it such a welcome departure from the lab billing process of the past? Learn more by clicking on the link below. 


Season's Greetings From Your Friends at LigoLab!

Everyone here at LigoLab wishes you joy during this holiday season and success in the New Year!

To our partner labs, thanks for making 2023 so memorable. Our success is your success and we look forward to even more collaboration in the New Year as we continue to grow and support each other.

To those who may be new to LigoLab and are interested in learning more about our laboratory informatics platform and the engineers and support team behind it, please feel free to contact us with your questions and we'll be happy to answer them. 


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