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LigoLab Gives Labs a Convenient and User-Friendly Way to Incentivize Patients and Accelerate Payments

How to Boost COVID Testing Capacity, Save on Resources, and Keep the Experience Stress-Free for the Patient

LigoLab FAQS

LigoLab’s TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal Helps Labs Prevent Lost Revenue

Avunjian Earns Top Honor for the LigoLab and TestDirectly Response to COVID-19

Bellingham Lab Reaches COVID-19 Testing Milestone

Reditus Laboratories - The Journey to One Million COVID-19 Tests

Process Thousands of HRSA Patients in Minutes with LigoLab

Unite Your LIS & RCM and Truly Revolutionize Your Business

Northwest Laboratory Leads the Way with its 24-Hour Commitment for COVID-19 Test Results

LigoLab’s LIS & RCM Operating Platform Supports Pooled Testing

MLO Survey Sheds Light on the Impact of COVID-19 on Molecular Diagnostics

Labs Will Soon Be Required to Provide COVID-19 Test Results Within Two Days For Full CMS Reimbursement

How TestDirectly Helped DuPage County and Reditus Laboratories Create a More Efficient Drive-Through With Faster Test Results

TestDirectly Eliminates the Paper Requisitions That Cause Accessioning Headaches

A LigoLab Presentation: How to Increase Total Revenue Without Adding Operating Costs

LigoLab’s Fully Integrated Platform Features No-Touch Auto-Billing

How Our Lab Partner Embraced Innovation and Won a Statewide Testing Contract

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