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Business Partners

Business Partners

LigoLab has a relationship with the following business partners and has special pricing for our clients through this relationship.

Ambient ID

RFID Specimen Tracking solution, currently used at Quest, Emory, Duke, St. Luke Hospital, etc. Software component of their tracking system is being developed by LigoLab.

Aurora Interactive

Agnostic whole slide image viewer, integrated within LigoLab AP/LIS.

Ventana / Aperio / DigiPath

Whole slide scanners, LigoLab AP/LIS has a direct interface to their solution.


Manufacturer of microscope cameras, all drivers are built into LigoLab AP/LIS, images can be acquired and places on a report with a single click.


LigoLab AP/LIS interfaces directly with the DR line of Canon document scanners.


Leading manufacturer of label printers. Integrated with LigoLab Connect (Outreach solution) product, to produce labels during remote order entry for specimens and documents.


Is a manufacturer of thermal barcode label printers, RFID label encoders. LigoLab AP/LIS communicated with Zebra products in it's native language producing high quality industrial labels.


Provides labels and tapes designed for dependable performance in laboratories and blood banks.

PSA Billing

PSA is the billing service provider for your community-based pathology practice or laboratory. LigoLab has built a highly integrated interface between the LIS and billing systems.