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Outreach Support

Powerful Outreach Solution

Grow your outreach business by providing easy and accurate order entry and result delivery portal at customer sites and remote field offices. Live eligibility and medical necessity checking to cut down payment denials. Local label and barcode printing for automation. Local test and ICD-9 / ICD-10 code listing to comply with government regulations. Lookup of previously entered orders and patient demographics and billing data, as well as direct population of this data into new orders to speed up data entry. Allows clients to order correct and billable tests.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily accessible from anywhere on any computer
  • Integrated with Documen Imaging module allowing clients to scan or view documents remotely
  • Live Eligibility Checking
  • Custom Client Panels Acknowledgement and Maintenance
  • Local test code & ICD-9 / ICD-10 Integration
  • Insurance & Patient Info Lookup (Population)
  • Admit Discharge Transfer (ADT) Support
  • Customizable Ask at Order Entry fields
  • Shipping Manifest / Log Printing / Courier Tracking
  • One set of physician tables, patient lists, and test criteria 
  • Real-time test status monitor and result delivery
  • Screen requisitions can be built to mimic the paper requisitions in the client's office
  • Ability to customize look for each client's office or by doctor specialty (e.g. OB/GYN, Oncology) 
  • Uniquely identify specimens by printing barcoded labels at the time of (remote) order entry 
  • Automatic test routing for multisite laboratories
  • Integrated faxing allowing clients to use centralized faxing appliance to distrube reports
  • Medical Necessity Checking (with automated ABN form determination and printing)
  • Front-end compliance checking with instantaneous ABN generation
  • Robust validation, rules and logic engine to streamline order entry process


Benefits to Physicians and Clinics 

  • Low-cost, easy-to-use solution for the physician's office
  • Easy new patient setup, quick and efficient order entry
  • Customizable screens to mimic requisitions currently in place
  • ABN forms can be printed to local printers or created in an electronic format for digital storage
  • HIPAA enabled with multiple security controls
  • LigoLab setup files accommodate laboratory and physician offices